With interactive lectures led by Professor Tabar you will grasp both the theory and the practice of image interpretation using high-quality multimodal cases.
Boost your understanding, increase your confidence in reading and interpretinga mammograpms and provide excellent care for your patients.

Interactive course

October 10 – October 31, 2023

Mastering Mammographic Interpretation

3 live webinars
150 cases

3 training
4 Recorded lectures
  • 1
    Skillful Mammographic Interpretation: Understand 3D subgross anatomy correlations to confidently differentiate between normal and pathologic lesions
  • 2
    Effective Viewing Techniques: Adopt precise techniques for viewing mammograms, emphasizing regions with a higher incidence of breast cancers
  • 3
    Addressing the issue of "Dense Breasts": Navigate the challenges of mammography with "dense breasts", comprehending its capabilities and limitations
  • 4
    Grasp the most practical classification of breast cancers which takes into account the site of tumor origin: the four imaging bioamrkers, milk producing, six imaging biomarkers of cancers originating from the major lactiferous ducts and one imaging bioamarker of the diffusely infiltrating breast carcinoma
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6 months access to all materials
150 mammography cases
Meet our course mentors
Sergej Popovich
Laszlo Tabar
Honorary member of the American College of Radiologists, professor of Radiology at Uppsala University (Sweden), сhief physician of the Mammography Department at the central hospital in Falun (Sweden), сonsultant radiologist for numerous diagnostic and treatment centers specializing in breast health in the United States.
Chief physician of the Breast Diagnostics Department at Evidia MVZ, Hamburg, Germany. OnkoZert expert in cancer center certification. MBA in Healthcare (Universitaetsklinikum Düsseldorf).
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150 cases
4 lectures
3 live webinas
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The start of the author's course by Laszlo Tabar is October 10, 2023.
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